Why We Come Back

"One word....AWESOME!!  I love this place.  My family and friends have been coming here for years.  And we can't think of a better place to have a girls weekend away.  The staff is great, and so is the food.  Watching the scenery go by from the back of a horse, couldn't ask for a better more relaxing weekend.  See you in May."
Sharon Walkowski   Sand Lake, MI

"It is now 2011 and I can't wait to return to Wolf Lake Ranch for my 3rd visit.  My friend and I discovered Wolf Lake from a riding instructor in Illinois.  If riding instructors like WLR then we were assured a great time.  We did have an amazing time and I will always recommend a vacation there to all my friends.  Thank you Pete & Marlena for the wonderful vacations."
June Eiden   Chicago, IL

"Although I don't vacation at the ranch as much as I'd like, visiting the website always brings a smile to my face.  My father brought my family to WLR in 1956.  Since that first memorable trip the desire to get back the ranch never died.  Over the years I introduced my children and my grandson to the ranch.  Four generations of my family have experienced the long friendships that are created with the meeting of new guests.  Wolf Lake Ranch is the only vacation spot I have experienced that holds a special place in my heart, as it brings me back to my youth and my first introduction to horses.  For those of us who first vacationed at the ranch as kids, the memory never dies."

Bob Hattendorf (Cowboy Bob)   Huntley, IL

"For over 20 years. WLR has been our "special" vacation!!  Here's to Memorial Day Friday night!!  Wouldn't miss this for the world."
Charles & Kathy Lillibridge   Toledo, OH

"I have been coming to Wolf Lake Ranch for more than 20 years with my sisters and girlfriends.  We have made many treasured friendships along the way.  In addition to the wonderful gift of friendship, WLR has the best horseback riding ever!  Winding, sandy trails on great horses that take you on an incredible tour through the beautiful Manistee National Forest.  We ride to Lost Lake and have lunch waiting for us lakeside which is delicious!  I have lived in Pennsylvania Indiana, and North Carolina and still made it to WLR for my riding weekend with the girls. Thank you all for making us feel so at home."
Marti Carroll   Noblesville, IN

"Even in the bitter cold...there is no place like the ranch!  Great people, great horses, great food, and great scenery!" 
Carrie Ware   Bristol, Wisconsin

"It's amazing! I am 12 and have gone to the ranch every year since I was born. Everything is perfect from the crystal clear water in the lake to the sizzling bacon in the kitchen. My brother and I count down the days until we leave. I love riding on the "car wash" trail when there is dew on the trees in the morning. You will never run out of things to do! I can't wait till next year!"
   Frankenmuth, Michigan

"Wolf Lake Ranch was my family's vacation spot in the 1980's along with many of our family friends.  I recently ran into an old friend I met at WLR and she said her daughter now goes with her parents every year! It brought back good...no great, family memories.  I loved "dance night" with the juke box, the morning breakfast rides on my favorite horse "Corky", the pancake breakfast, and of course the famous "Rosie's Potatoes" to eat.  I still have my "Susie" tag that I got stuck with and couldn't get rid of.  I think they still do this...you will understand....if not, just another great memory.  Now that I have my own family and so do my siblings we often dream about bringing our families there to show them what a fantastic place our parents took us to every summer. Thanks Pete for all the wonderful memories!"
Jamie "Adamson" Steffens   Naperville, Illinois

"Had a wonderful time. The horses were well trained and the staff was friendly and helpful. Different trails for each ride through beautiful forest landscape. Pete and his crew make sure that the central theme of your stay is "Relax and have fun".  Great food and activities...thank you very much!"
Tom Bauer   Chagrin Falls, OH

A portion of Kitty's testimonial was used on our front page.  Here is the rest..."We first made our way to Wolf Lake Ranch in 1986 when our son, David and daughter, Melissa were 6 and 4.  This year, we will return yet again, three generations of Lukasiks will fill the rooms of The Bunkhouse, and we'll add another chapter to our rich store of wonderful ranch memories."
Kitty Lukasik   Chicago, Illinois 

"About 20 years ago, I called AAA to find riding ranches in Michigan. This was the first one that they gave me- and it was the best find for sure. My girlfriends and myself have been coming up 3 times a year ever since. I call it my personal "slice of heaven" weekends. We have met some of the best people there (either staff or guests)and we have all become very close. Its like a reunion every time we get together. The riding is great and the food - wonderful. I have traveled all over the world, but this is one place I will continue to always go back to!"
Carol Scowen   Richmond, Michigan

"My parents took myself Dean, my brother Russ and my sister Jan to the ranch every year beginnining in 1968. We met Pete there when he was about 16 with our cousins Jeff Eyre and Family and Don was in full swing. There is no way to explain growing up and going to "The Ranch" every summer. We waited all year for the moment we would drive past the trailer park, down the road until the trees cleared and we finally laid eyes on the white picket fence
Passing thru the wagon wheel filled us with an excitement and anticipation I can to feel to this very minute. Walk over to the Branding Iron, punch Creedence Clearwater Revival into the jukebox,listen to "Green River" and you just may know what i mean. Ahh, barefoot girls dancin' in the moonlight!  Here's to you guys keeping it alive!"
The Duller Family   Melrose Park, Il

"My friend and I came up for the first time in June and had a wonderful time. The meals were delicious and there was plenty of food.  The trails and the horses were great too.  I hope to return next June.  Thank you for such great hospitality."
Marianne Alt   Tinley Park, Illinois

"My grandparents were some of the first guests ever at the Ranch.  I spent a week there every summer from 1986 to 1998.  The fun that my brother and had there is too great to  explain.  When my wife and I have children we will make the ranch a part of our childrens' lives without a question. I have been fortunate to stay at some of the best resorts in the country and no other place has been as enjoyable as the time I spent at Wolf Lake Ranch.  The staff is amazing and I feel like Pete, Marlene, and their employees over the years are my immediate family."
Kyle Ware   Addison, Illinois

"Wolf Lake Ranch is my favorite place in the whole world.  You can tell how happy I am by just looking at me"
said Lucas with a smile on his face. "I'm coming here every year until I die!"
Lucas Vieth  11 years old   Dublin, Ohio

"Although the ranch has been a favorite vacation destination every year since the age of nine, twenty years later I now have a different appreciation for this type of vacation. Aside from the horseback riding, lounging at the beach and social activities, the ranch has become a total escape from the over-scheduled and hurried pace of every day life, providing much needed solace. Eliminating clocks, deadlines, e-mail, the computer, and TV, allows me to totally disconnect from reality & unwind for one week, surrounded by family and friends, doing things I enjoy.  I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, awaiting the next escape to the ranch
Becky Chapel   Rochester, Minnesota

"Wolf Lake Ranch is an excellent place filled with great horses, the nicest people you could ever think of meeting, great food, and great fun. There's a lake you can go swimming in, and a really awesome hayride where you can sing theme songs to old time tv shows from the 70s. I've been going there every single year since I was a baby, and I love it there. You really need to go to Wolf Lake Ranch. The place flat out rocks. It's a great vacation for the whole family!"
Frank W. Coffey  11 yrs old   Wheaton, Illinois

"Twenty three years ago my husband found an article in the Chicago Tribune about dude ranches in and around Chicago.  Knowing I loved to ride and would not have to cook he thought that would be a great vacation for our family with a 2, 8 and 12 year old.  I don't think we have missed a year since.  Wolf Lake Ranch is a great find that I have often thought I should keep to myself for  fear I wouldn't get my week. If you aren't crazy about riding there's lots more to do at the Ranch.  The guests from years past have become good friends we look forward to seeing each year.  Meals are always delicious and plenty to eat.  We like to tell people it is a great family vacation and we hardly see our kids cause they are off with the others kids playing games and even often choose to eat at a kid table.  I can tell you this now cause I already have my week booked.  Hope you will stop by and 
see what it's all about."
J. Miedema   Grand Haven, Michigan

"My family and I have been coming to Wolf Lake Ranch for 20 years.  We have made many friends attributed to vacationing at the ranch.  It is truly a place to relax, be yourself and experience some of the “Old West” traditions and meaning of true friendship.  I use to be a “Hilton” type vacation guy but it cannot compare to the simple pleasures and outdoor experience at the ranch.  I just turned 60 years old and when I make a right turn onto Wolf Lake Drive I feel just like a little kid excited to know that I’m just a few minutes away from the best vacation and friends I ever had." 
Lou Mustari   Nixa, Missouri

"My husband and I both vacationed at WLR when we were young kids.  We eventually worked there, were engaged on the dock, and are now married with two children.  Wolf Lake Ranch is one of the few almost all inclusive family friendly vacation destinations left.  For over 20 years we have been enjoying the horseback riding in the beautiful Manistee, the friendships with both the wranglers and staff, and the wonderful food!  It is a pleasure to spend a week at a place where bonding between family and friends is nurtured.  At Wolf Lake Ranch there is an environment and staff that provides the opportunity to experience a good old fashioned dose of family fun!"
Amy Lukasik   Brookfield, Illinois

" We have been going back for over 15 years. Started with the kids and now we are there with 8 grandchildren. A wonderful family experience.  Memories that will last us when we can no longer mount the horse. Thank goodness my sister found this place for us to enjoy."
Ken and Bonnie Martin   Crystal Lake, Illinois

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