Amanda Madsen (since 2017)

"As first timers to the ranch, we didn't know what to expect, but I will say all of these great reviews are accurate.  Loved everything about this place, even the "rustic" accommodations.  Our days were filled with wonderful activities, though the pace felt easy and relaxed.  Besides the genuine hospitality of the staff, was the warm welcome we received from guests who have been coming back year after year. The ranch is filled with genuine kind people, well-loved horses, beautiful trails, incredible food, fun activities and a gorgeous little lake, the cutest dogs and so much more.  Our time spent here could not have been better. We cannot wait to get back next summer! See you all soon!"

Kitty & Bruce (1986)

“The Ranch”. If you’ve ever been a part of the Wolf Lake Ranch experience (as we have for three generations) those two words conjure a wealth of memories: a grandchild smiling down from atop a “big” horse, having graduated from the pony “Little Bit”…sunlight slanting through the pastures…riding through knee-high ferns in the green glory of the Manistee National Forest…first glimpses of an eagle soaring, meteor showers far from city glare, and the Northern Lights! Twice! Platters heaped with home-cooked goodness (and the joy of someone else doing the home cooking). Underscoring all is laughter: from the lake, the porches, the trails, the after-dinner games and around the fire at day’s end. “The Ranch”, where everyone’s last name becomes …”from the Ranch".

Brian & Amy Sell ( 2001)

"Our first stay at the ranch was October of 2001. We had a wonderful time!  We have been going back to WLR every year since.  Spring, summer and fall we've made countless friendships and memories. Each time we visit, it’s like a family reunion. The ranch offers great riding in a beautiful national forest. The lake is great for families, you can swim, kayak, canoe, or just sun bathe. The staff is friendly and outgoing, and does their best to make your time at the ranch care free. In fact, much of the staff are former guests, so that says a lot! No need to worry about cooking either, Pete and Marlena feed you three home cooked meals a day that are delicious. Wolf Lake Ranch is a place you will want to come back to, year after year."  

John Stehlik (since 2014)

"Our family has been visiting Wolf Lake Ranch annually since 2014 and it’s one of the highlights of our summer.  We can see ourselves continuing to do so for years to come.  We LOVE Wolf Lake Ranch!  It can’t be described.  It has to be experienced."  

Terry Jenkinson (1993)

"We first visited the ranch in 1993.  From the very first moment, we were hooked.  Great hosts, great food, and great riding experiences in the beautiful Manistee forest.  With the wonderful family atmosphere, other guests quickly became part of our family.  We are now three generations strong building memories year after year."

Nica Ware (1995)

"Working here for 5 summers has changed my life. The people and the horses and the experiences were unmatchable and so unique to this environment. Going as a guest for 15 years and then getting to be a part of the staff gave me the most amazing summers ever! There are so many people that love this special place, and it becomes a part of you!" 

Lauren Kerns ( since 2002)

"I first visited “The Ranch” in 2002 with my (now) husband, who had been coming up since he was a kid with his family.  From the moment, I stepped foot on the property, I knew why he’d spoken of it so fondly. The view of the lake through the trees, the horses grazing in the pasture, and the sound of kids playing removed any intimidation I had. The warm reception I received and the non-stop laughs I experienced that first visit has made Wolf Lake Ranch a trip that has brought me back every year since.  Riding a horse on a trail ride is truly a unique experience that simultaneously is exciting, hilarious, and at time even spiritual.  Perhaps what I currently love most about WLR is seeing these same moments through our kids’ eyes.  There is a constant look of pure joy on their faces while singing songs on the hay ride, and now that our daughter is riding the big horses, we see a confidence grow in her every time she saddles up. It’s a remarkable place that creates new and lasting memories with each visit. "

Kristine DiDomenico (1997)

"My first time to the ranch was when I was 13 with my best friend and her family. I came back again with my best friend and her family when I was 18. Fast forward another 6 years, I came up with my husband and our best friends. We’ve come up twice a year almost every year since. 2017 marked a very special year as we brought up our son for his first year. There are many reasons why Wolf Lake Ranch is so special to me. The traditions of Wolf Lake Ranch are one of a kind, the food is delicious, the beach and riding trails are beautiful and you feel welcome as soon as you pull in. I’ve had some of the best times of my life here, made memories that can never be replaced and friendships that will last a lifetime. There is no place like Wolf Lake Ranch and we will keep coming as long as they’ll have us!" 

Becky Chapel (1989)

"Although the ranch has been a favorite vacation destination every year since the age of nine, twenty some years later I now have a different appreciation for this type of vacation.  Aside from the horseback riding, lounging at the beach and social activities, the ranch has become a total escape from the over-scheduled and hurried pace of everyday life, providing much needed solace. Eliminating clocks, deadlines, e-mail, computer and TV, allows me to totally disconnect from reality and unwind for one week, surrounded by family and friends, doing things I enjoy.  I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, awaiting the next escape to the ranch."

...and even the horses love it!